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There are a number of IRC channels related to this event, which are all hosted on Freenode

Main IRC


This is the main channel, where all the action happens.

Room channels

There are also room channels which are used by the live video streaming. These can also be used for back-chat within a specific room. These correspond to the rooms shown on the schedule.

These channels are monitored by the AV Team in order to identify any issues with the video streaming platform.

  • Fisher and Paykel: ##lca2015-fp
  • OGGB 260-098: ##lca2015-260
  • OGGB 3: ##lca2015-o3
  • OGGB 4: ##lca2015-o4
  • Case Room 2: ##lca2015-c2
  • Case Room 3: ##lca2015-c3