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Organised by Jim Cheetham, the CACert Bof/Assurance session is aiming to be :-

  • Introduction to the CACert Community
  • Description of the Assurance process
  • Assurance of new members by Assurers
  • Mutual assurance by Members

If you wish to become a Member and to get Assured, please consider registering with *before* the BoF session, and bringing along pre-printed CAP forms to speed things up. will help to get you started.

Please remember that CACert requires validation of Identity backed by government-issued documents. Real named need to be used, and represented *in their entirety* by the accompanying document. If your ID lists you as "Joe Q. Bloggs" you cannot use that to assert the identity of "Joe Quentin Bloggs", but you can use it to assert "Joe Bloggs". See for more details.



Please sign up here to give us an indication of numbers of people requiring Assurance - it takes a few minutes to work through each one and requires actual physical paperwork.