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Registration Information:

Late night arrivals:

If you are arriving at your accommodation outside of their regular reception hours, please leave your details here so we can organise out-of-hours reception.

Uni Halls

Reception hours: 8am - 8pm.

After hours phone: 027 676 4862

(your name, date & time of arrival)

James (Ender) Brown, Fri 09/01, ~10:30PM

Andrew Bartlett, Fri 9th, plane arrives 6:30PM

Brett James, Sat 10th, Plane arrives 17:10

Jonathan Woithe, Sat 10th, 20:00-2100 (plane arrives 18:55)

Himangi Saraogi, Sun 11th, ~16:00 (plane arrives 14:50)

David Bell (@dtbell91), Matt Cengia (@mattcen), and Mike Abrahall (@mijofa), Sun 11th, ~19:00 (plane arrives 17:30)

Douglas Bagnall, Sun 11th, ~21:30 (plane arrives 20:30)

Alastair D'Silva (@evildeece Alastair D'Silva) Mon 12th, 01:00 (plane arrives 23:35 JQ205 (SYD to AKL))

Carlaw Park

Reception hours: 8:30-5pm and 6pm-7pm Monday to Friday, 11am-1pm Saturday and Sunday.

After hours phone: 027 707 9813

(your name, date & time of arrival; try to sort by arrival time)

  • Clinton Roy, Fri 9th, ~midnight (plane arrives 22:45)
  • Eyal Lebedinsky, Sat 10th, ~20:30 (plane arrives 18:55)
  • Michael Ellery, Sat 10th, ~22:30 (plane arrives 20:50)
  • Cindy Pallares, Sun 11th, ~8:00 (plane arrives 6:00)
  • Daniel Bryan, Sun 11th, ~15:30 (plane arrives 14:00)
  • Andrew Buckeridge, Sun 11th, ~10:00 (plane arrives 08:00, then customs + travel)
  • Hamish Coleman, Sun 11th, ~14:55 (plane arrives 12:55)
  • Ewen McNeill, Sun 11th, ~15:45 (plane arrives 14:15)
  • Mike Carden, Sun 11th, ~16:30, (plane arrives 14:55)
  • Sam Desmond, Sun 11th, ~16:30, (plane arrives 14:55)
  • Mark Ellem, Sun 11th, ~16:30 (plane arrives 15:10)
  • Mark Jessop, Sun 11th, ~19:00 (plane arrives 17:15, then customs + travel)
  • Chris Edsall, Sun 11th, ~20:00 (plane arrives 19:00)
  • Jase White, Sun 11th, ~20:00, (plane arrives 19:00)
  • Tony Halligan, Sun 11th, ~20:00, (plane arrives 19:00)
  • Peter Vesely, Sun 11th, ~20:30 (plane arrives 18:55), early checkout on Sat 17th ~8:00am
  • Paul Warren, Sun 11th, ~22:30, plane arrives 20:50.
  • Anton Artemenko, Sun 11th, ~23:45 (plane arrives 22:45)
  • Darryl Bond, Sun 11th, ~23:45 (plane arrives 22:45)
  • Antony (Red) Steel, Sun 11th ~23:30 (plane lands at 22:05)

Clothes Washing

University Hall: Yes

"A large coin operated laundry is located on the basement level, equipped with plenty of washers and dryers. (Washing powder is not supplied, but can be purchased via the laundry vending machine or at nearby convenience stores). University Hall Apartments also have laundry and lounge facilities." Source: Facilities section of

Carlaw Park: Communal coin operated laundries are available in room 833.

Non-campus laundromat:

137 Hobson Street Auckland Central Open 6am to Midnight. Self-service laundromat. Large washing machine load - $6 Commercial extra large washing machine load - $10 Commercial dryers $2 per 10mins. Normal household load, Wash & Dry - $10 to $12 total. Note changer onsite to change notes into $2 coins for use in all machines. Soap powder dispenser available. Parking out front. Open 6am to Midnight every day of the year!


This section is for information about what is available and what to bring.

Uni Halls

Carlaw Park

This is from personal experience taken from a discussion on the mailing list

Having already arrived at Carlaw Park, here is a brief run down of what we've got. We're in a 3 bedroom apartment. There is University Wifi AP which supported eduroam in the living area.

Our kitchen has:

  • 4x Bowls, plates and cutlery
  • 1x Fry Pan, 2x Saucepans
  • Kitchen Towel and dishcloth
  • Stove and Oven
  • Fridge/Freezer
  • Microwave

Living/dining area:

  • TV
  • Lounges for up to 6 people.
  • coffee table
  • dining table for 4 (round and small)

In each bedroom there was:

  • Towel and face cloth
  • shampoo and soap
  • Full Bedding (2x sheets, Blanket with cover and 1 pillow)
  • Wardrobe (no hangers)
  • Desk with chair and light (on the wall above the desk)

We immediately bought:

  • dish washing liquid
  • hand towel for the bathroom
  • hand soap
  • water bottle for cold water in the fridge

The supermarket is about 10 minutes walk away. Hope that's helpful.