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For Australians


  • ATMs are available in the International and Domestic terminals, and all over Auckland

Commonwealth Bank

Auckland Savings Bank (ASB) is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Commonwealth Bank. Source

  • ATM is only available in the domestic terminal, near door 5.
    • Approximately 10 minutes walk from international. Exit the International terminal and follow the signs / green line to the Domestic airport. Follow the signs towards Air New Zealand, and it is near door 5 in a cluster of three ATMs.
    • Domestic Airport is closed between 00:00 and 05:00 NZDT. However, they may close early, when visiting the security guard was locking the doors at 23:30.
  • ATMs are also available all over Auckland.
  • ASB ATMs: Costs 2 AUD per withdrawl.
  • Other (Maestro / Cirrus) ATMs: 5 AUD per withdrawl + 3% of the value