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There are 3 major mobile network operators in New Zealand:

All offer pre-paid SIM cards which can be easily obtained and require no paperwork or registration (you can pick one up in the airport just after you get through customs).

All operators now offer 4G in limited areas, which should cover most of Auckland CBD. The 4G frequencies are the ones used in most Asia-Pacific countries, and different to the AWS bands used in North America.


  • Free SIM cards are available on the Airbus, however stocks of these are limited.
  • Relay (a newsagency) in the International Arrivals floor sells SIM cards for 10 NZD
  • SIM sizes: SIM+MicroSIM, and NanoSIM.
  • GSM (2G) 900 / 1800
  • UMTS (3G) 900 / 2100
  • LTE (4G) Band 3 (1800MHz) and 28 (700MHz) in cities only.
  • Has a small network of their own in cities that roams to Vodafone (at no cost)


  • 19 NZD: Carryover
    • 100 minutes of calls to phones in NZ and AU
    • Unlimited SMS to phones in NZ and AU
    • 500MB data
    • 30 day expiry
  • Zone data packs
    • NZ$50 for 3GB
    • NZ$99 for 12GB
    • This only works on 2degrees' own coverage area, not when roaming to Vodafone. Roaming to Vodafone costs 50c/MB.
    • The "zone" covers most of Auckland, shown in dark blue (?)

Activating the SIM:

  • Insert the SIM in the phone
  • Make sure the correct network is selected
  • Call 200
  • You will be prompted to add a PIN to manage your account.
  • First do a top-up (1). Minimum amount is 20 NZD, can be done by credit card over phone or purchase a topup with cash at a store.
  • You probably don't want to have them save your credit card details, otherwise the combo pack will automatically renew when you leave.
  • You get a text message confirming it.
  • Add a combo pack or data pack
  • You get a text message confirming it.

Note: Their IVR doesn't update with your current balance while you're still on the line -- the balance is from when you started the call. So you top up your account, and then you get told that you have "0 Dollars"...

Other note: They also have a captive portal that allows you to sign up. However, this website is not mobile-friendly. Additionally, on Android, if you rotate the phone you have to start again, and the zoom function is disabled/stuck. Do it over the phone instead.


  • Virtual Mobile Network Operator that runs from the Spark network.
  • UMTS (3G) 850 / 2100

Note Skinny also does a competitive package, with $4 for a sim that comes loaded with calling time (within ANZ), texts and mobile data.

Spark (Telecom / XT)

  • Store in the international terminal, in the arrivals area. Marked as "Telecom" in Airport maps.
  • UMTS (3G) 850 / 2100
  • LTE (4G) Band 3 (1800MHz) in cities and major rural areas, Band 7 (2600MHz) in Central Auckland and Band 28 (700MHz) in major rural areas (not cities)


Note Spark Travellers SIM for $49 is similar to the Vodafone offering.

Note Spark (Telecom NZ/XT) does have 1GB data on WiFi per day across NZ starting at $29

Note Spark / Skinny share the same broadcast frequencies and have NO 2G Network


  • Store in the international terminal, in the arrivals area.
  • GSM (2G) 900 / 1800
  • UMTS (3G) 900 / 2100
  • LTE (4G) Band 3 (1800MHz) and 28 (700MHz) in cities only.


Note Vodafone Travellers SIM for $49 with 2GB Data, and for a lot of our attendees from outside of ANZ it will probably include minutes to call home. Check your countries Vodafone website

Roaming with an Australian Telco