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We will have a key signing party this year.


  • Ad-hoc, print out your key on a piece of paper / business card and hand it out to everyone
  • Zimmermann–Sassaman key-signing protocol
    • Ideally Sassaman-projected, if there is a document projector available.
  • We will have access to printing facilities, however:
    • Supplying printed keylists to participants will require all participants to recite fingerprint in full or provide physical copies of fingerprint. If level of participation is high this could take a long time!
    • Participants could verify and print keylist themselves prior to event, but requring such preparation could exclude some participants.

Collecting keys:

  • Please submit your keys at:
  • include the fingerprint on your wiki page? (Fraser Tweedale (talk) 12:32, 17 December 2014 (AEDT) dubious. I wouldn't sign a key without a copy/recital of fingerprint from owner or assertion that reproduction in hashed/MAC'd keylisting is correct)

I would like to help organise things:

I would like to attend (see also official list of submitted keys)