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(Building a website with Drupal 8)
(Go to https://www.drupal.org/user/register)
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It looks like this.
It looks like this.
== Building a website with Drupal 8 ==
== Building a website with Drupal 8 ==

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Planning to build a website

We won't be going through this section in detail in the tutorial. We'll be building a sample site with a lot of this thinking already done. But if you want to use your own sample content, have a think about these things and come prepared!

Or if you want to choose your own dummy content, rather than use the samples provided... here's some fun sites to peruse.




What job will this site have?

  • sell stuff?
  • build a community?
  • documentation?
  • record an event?


Who will visit the website?

  • Personas
  • Demographics
  • Language / Geography
  • Devices / Browsers


Getting the information architecture right from the start is important.

  • Content Modelling
  • Navigation
  • Search
  • Taxonomy

This is the stuff your website is all about. Here's some resources on creating compelling content for the web.


Style / Design / Mockups / Wireframes

We're using D8 Outta the box, so we'll be using Bartik. Not doing a lot of design, but still, need to think about colour, images, logo.

  • Logo
  • Colour
  • Images
  • Layout



Planning Tools

There's a range of tools out there to help you plan your site. (know any others? Add them here.)

Join the community

We'll be working with Drupal8. The training sites we're using were built against HEAD late last week. So they're a little bit behind the bleeding edge, and they're very much in BETA. So we're likely to hit some rough edges. If you do, report them. To do that, you'll need to have an account on Drupal.org

Go to https://www.drupal.org/user/register

It looks like this.

Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 11.50.21 am.png

Building a website with Drupal 8

Basic site configuration

  • Site name
  • Site slogan
  • Email address
  • Default front page, and error pages

Nodes and other entities

Default content types

  • Article
  • Basic Page

Go to SITEURL/node/add to add content

Custom content types

Go to SITEURL/admin/structure/types/add


  • anon
  • auth
  • admin




We get a few menus out of the box

But we can also add menus of our own


Views. The single most popular module for previous versions of Drupal, is now in core. It's a powerhouse. But complex. We'll start simple. Views is a list maker, a query generator. It lets you slice and dice your content in all sorts of wonderful ways.




RSS, Json and other feeds and streams