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Append only - let's be polite!

  • There's a Jobs BoF scheduled for 17:30pm on Tuesday 13th January 2015 at OGG4.

Job Vacancies

Example Corp: John Example +61 1234 5678

Location: Tropical Beach, Antartica

We are hiring a junior and a senior penguin frobnosticator; our team frobnosticates various mammals in our Antartica lab. You can get more details on Our Web Page, or grab me at the pub on Wednesday.

Linux Australia Job Postings

Facebook Inc: Cooper Lees +1 650 798 7815

Location: Menlo Park, CA, USA (possible other locations)

We are hiring for many roles, but for skillful Linux individuals like yourself a Production Engineer role should interest you: Production Engineer

tl;dr: Support many of our Infrastructure services powering - e.g. Web infrastructure, Messaging, Traffic, Network and Security are some of the Productions Engineering positions available.

Fairfax Media - Email

Location: Sydney, Australia & Wellington, New Zealand.

We are seeking both Devops engineers as well as Java developers to join our teams in Wellington New Zealand and also Sydney Australia. Fairfax is responsible for some of the largest websites in this region including Sydney Morning Hearld ( and Stuff ( with millions of unique hits every day.

  • Sydney Build Engineer Roles [1]
  • Wellington Software Support Engineer [2]
  • Get in touch for details re ongoing Java developer roles. Javier Turegano - @setoide

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Among other roles that are open at the moment, check for the full list, we have Site Performance and Availability engineer, Developer, Technical Lead and Security Lead roles open. If you are interested in been part of a world class engineering team, build and maintain the infrastructure that supports one of Australia's biggest websites and international real estate websites and work in a challenging/dynamic workplace come and have a chat with me about the opportunities.

Canonical - Brad Marshall

Location: World wide (work from home)

Canonical provides one of the world leading Linux distributions, Ubuntu, and needs more skilled Linux types - both for sysadmin and development positions. In particular, we are looking for sysadmins (both in APAC and America) and Cloud Reliability Engineers. For all our positions please see all our jobs

Compac Sorting Equipment - Carl Cerecke

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Compac is a world-leading provider of sorting and packing solutions for the fresh-produce industry. We have a position open for a Senior Software Developer (C++) working in the team doing real-time image analysis. There are also team-lead and engineering-management roles available. See all of the job vacancies at Compac.

Site Reliability Engineer - NetSuite - Peter Vesely

Location: Sydney, Australia

Site Reliability Engineers are directly responsive for the availability of the NetSuite's customer facing solutions. In this role, you will proactively address issues before they become problems and build tools to constantly improve availability, performance, uptime and response time, monitor the applications and react to problems.

For more details about this exciting opportunity, please contact Peter Vesely.

SUSE: Tim Serong

"Established in 1992, SUSE is the original provider of the enterprise Linux distribution and the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing." --

We have various open roles in engineering, marketing, product management, sales and technical support. Some of these are in specific locations, some are available globally. See the careers page and list of current openings for more details, or grab me for a chat.

AusCERT - Senior Systems Programmer - Mike Holm on +61 334 64532

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Join the good people who go into battle for the sake of a safe Internet. :) AusCERT is an internationally recognised Information Security group, providing Cyber security services to members throughout Australia and New Zealand. We seek team members who share our values of Service, Team, Accountability and Results and in return offer a flexible and supportive work environment.

In this role, you'll use your programming skills to develop and maintain software that enhances the services AusCERT offers to its members. For more details, follow the URL or catch up with Marco Ostini during the Jobs BoF. Applications close: 22 Jan 2015

Minelab - Software Engineer (R&D) - Melissa Burridge on +61 (0)420 442 572

Location: Adelaide, Australia

Minelab develop metal detection technologies for consumer and counter-mine uses across the globe. We have an opening for a Software Engineer in our R&D team. Many of our detectors use a wide range of ARM processors that are often running embedded Linux in real-time applications. Security is a big challenge for us, so any crypto skills would also be a plus.

If you are passionate about embedded software, enjoy solving complex problems and like seeing your handy-work in real products around the world, then this role is for you.

Red Hat - Harshula Jayasuriya - harshula at

At Red Hat, we connect an innovative community of customers, partners, and contributors to deliver an open source stack of trusted, high-performing technologies that solve business problems. We’re a billion dollar S&P 500 company offering solutions from Linux to middleware, storage to cloud, together with award-winning global customer support, consulting, and implementation services.

Red Hat is currently hiring for a Senior Product Security Kernel Engineer and a Senior Technical Support Engineer in Brisbane. To take a look at these openings, and the rest of our positions in Australia please go to:

Apply for Australia openings

Life at Red Hat

You can contact Andrew Milestone from the Global Technology Recruiting Team on +61735148238 or

IBM OzLabs - Software Engineers - Abhi Chatterjee -

Location: Canberra, Australia

IBM OzLabs is arguably the best collection of open sources hackers anywhere. We work throughout the stack from baremetal hardware to applications in the cloud. We work on the Linux kernel, KVM, Firmware, Compilers, Binutils, Samba, Openstack etc..

If you love open source, building computers and working with the likes of Rusty Russell, Stephen Rothwell, Paul Mackerras, Anton Blanchard, Benjamin Herrenschmidt etc, then please let us know.

Wikimedia Foundation - Roan Kattouw - roan at

Location: San Francisco, CA, USA or work from home anywhere in the world

The Wikimedia Foundation is the non-profit organization that supports Wikipedia and its sister projects. With a relatively small staff, we run the only non-commercial top-5 web site, on an open source stack. The Wikimedia Foundation is deeply committed to open culture: all the software we work on is open source, and all the content we serve is under a Creative Commons license. We are hiring for many roles, both technical and non-technical. People at this conference might be especially interested in the Senior Software Engineer - Services role.

Amazon Web Services - Andrew Lau - andrelau (+)

Locations: Sydney (AU) & Brisbane (AU)

Amazon Web Services, the world's largest cloud infrastructure provider is hiring Cloud Support Engineers in Sydney.

We're also looking for datacenter techs, developers, solution architects, recruiters and more...

So if you want to know what life as an Amazonian is like, then feel free to come down to our geek meet this Friday evening (6:30-8:30 pm) at The Bluestone Room (9-11 Durham Lane, Auckland). You can register for this event using the following link:

Catalyst - jobs at

Location: Various NZ, Australia and UK

Not mentioned on there, but we need some folks with C++ and OpenGL skills.

Catalyst - abartlet at

Location: Wellington NZ

Andrew Bartlett is looking for someone to join Catlayst's Samba development team and be mentored into Samba development working on our Samba AD DC.

Breakaway Consulting: Embedded Software Developers Wanted

Contact: Stefan Götz +61 434 000 311 / +64 21 143 0726 /

Location: Newtown, Sydney, Australia; remoting negotiable

We are hiring firmware engineers with experience in C, low-level system software, and/or system design. We both offer consulting services to medical device manufacturers and develop the eChronos real-time operating system in house together with NICTA. Find me (Stefan) at the conference until Friday or just contact me as per the above!

NIWA: System engineer - Fabrice Cantos +64 27 4129693

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

NIWA is a leading environmental research institute and key provider of atmospheric, freshwater and marine research and consultancy services in New Zealand. Its IBM p575/p6 HPC cluster requires a system engineer to support its research activities in climate and other modelling and other research conducted through the NeSI access process. HPC experience would be an advantage.

If interesting drop me a line to share a coffee at AM or afternoon tea break

NIWA: Scientific Programmer - Fabrice Cantos +64 27 4129693

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

We are seeking Scientific Programmer who can provide support to both NIWA and NeSI science users of the HPC, as well as support users of the other NeSI HPCs. In this position you will be a key enabler of new scientific research directions in NZ, and assist scientists to transition from small institutional to large national HPC facilities. C,fortan, python optimization. MPI, openMP parallelization.

If interesting drop me a line to share a coffee at AM or afternoon tea break

Temando: Senior PHP Developers & Sysadmin - Steve Dalton - steve at, +61 414 464564

Location: Brisbane (Fortitude Valley), Australia

Temando make smart Logistics software that links Ecommerce with Shipping Carriers - they are expanding rapidly and have a number of permanent positions available. Good team, great location and work environment.

Currently looking for a number of PHP Developers (particularly Senior ones and those with any experience with Symfony), a Sysadmin with Mariadb/Galera experience and people with Devops experience (particularly Ansible). Even if you are a developer in another language who has done PHP in the past and have some of these skills, please get in touch with me.

Sadly, Steve is not at LCA this year - but you can reach him on the phone and email above.

Cygnus - Sam Bishop -

Location: Anywhere you want to be ... ideally Earth ... preferably on the surface of it ... but definitely must be within 1 light second of Perth, Western Australia, Earth, Sol System, Orion Arm, Milky Way, Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster

We come in peace! and we are looking to grow our team and bring in new expertise. If you think you could build your own PaaS or IaaS, and bolt on a DBaaS for good measure. Or if you already have climbed the development mountain solo without oxygen. We would love to talk to you!

University of Southern Queensland: High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems Engineer - Matthew Mengel

Location: Toowoomba, Queensland

ICT Services has an opportunity for a High Performance Computing (HPC) Systems Engineer to join the team and provide services to the University research community. You will be responsible for the support of USQ’s research agenda through the provision and support of ICT Services’ research infrastructure, specifically High Performance Computing (HPC), to ensure that USQ HPC investment is efficiently utilised. The HPC Systems Engineer is responsible for the design, installation, configuration, administration, security, operational integrity, availability, and high-level support of ICT HPC server, storage and data communications environments, systems and subsystems used by the University research community.

Acquia: Phil Ingram - phil.ingram at

Location: Various - Australia and international

In Australia we are looking for two people to join our growing Operations department. Drupal experience is optional as this is primarily a systems and services role. The position is initially remote, but for the people we now have in AU the communication we do makes the isolation minimal. Our stack is LAMP and our scripting and coding is done in bash and ruby. If you would like to know more about the positions I'd be happy to have a chat about them. Feel free to send me a quick email.

Cloud Systems Engineer

Mentioned at Mark Atwood's presentation "How to get one of those Open Source jobs". youtube + slides(pptx)

Seeking Employment

Example Corp: John Example +61 1234 5678

Location: Tropical Beach, Antartica

I am looking for a job as a penguin frobnosticator; I've been a penguin frobnosticator since year do and love various mammals in our Antartica lab. You can get more details on my CV or Web Page. If you'd like to meet me, leave me a message at (email/my user talk page) to meet up at a cafe/pub.

Michael Wheeler +61 4 3966 8012

Location: Melbourne, Australia (Currently Gladstone)

Looking to move to Melbourne ASAP; Career history has been one filled with communications however recently I've been focusing more on sysadmin, include NetApp, Vmware, AWS, Rackspace, and *shudder* Microsoft suite of tools. Ideally want to move back to doing Linux sysadmin work. Favorite tools at the moment are Graylog2, wiremaps, and Zabbix. I also enjoy long walks on the beach. More details on my work history can be found here.

Ryan Verner +61 418 186 604 /

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Seeking opportunities to work on interesting things. I've been CTO in a medium size MSP the past 2.5 years mentoring staff and implementing new technologies but am leaving end of this month. Many varied skills (technical skills include Linux/ISP-centric sysadmin+automation with some Django/Python - have Windows skills too but looking to move forward using FOSS platforms) but having ran businesses over the past ~15 years I've had to wear many many different hats including non-technical positions (financial management, sales, etc). I enjoy leading highly technical teams, but equally would enjoy expanding my technical skills working within an existing team. I'm currently managing the LCA2015 AV team, but should have some time to chat - shoot me an email (phone number above is my Australian mobile, currently not on roaming, but return to AU on 18th).