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KiwiRail's Northern Explorer is a well-known scenic rain journey that operates three days a week from Auckland to Wellington.

A group of intrepid LCA delegates are taking the train down on Saturday 17 January.

[ Seat61] has a great summary of the journey.


Are available from Kiwi Rail Scenic

If you don't live in NZ, the only ticket price available is the Flexi fare, which is NZD$199. Cheaper tickets, starting at NZD$139 at the time of writing are available for online booking from NZ, or if you do location spoofing. Hola seems to work just fine for this purpose.

They accept all the major credit cards including Amex.


Please only list yourselves on this list once your ticket is booked. If at all possible, please list your name as it appears on your ticket, as I'll use this page to ask KiwiRail to seat as many of us together as possible.

  • Christopher Neugebauer
  • Jack Scott
  • Cory Thompson