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* [http://smokefree.org.nz/ Smokefree NZ website]
* [http://smokefree.org.nz/ Smokefree NZ website]

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  • University of Auckland's Smoke Free page
    • From 2010 The University of Auckland will be smoke free with smoking banned on all campuses and outdoor spaces including previously designated smoking areas.
    • pdf documents of Smoke Free Policy and FAQ

Auckland Smoke-Free policy

Source: http://www.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz/EN/planspoliciesprojects/councilpolicies/pages/smokefreepolicy.aspx Check the FAQ (pdf document) linked to on the page above.

Smoke free areas include:

  • all regional parks
  • many local parks and playgrounds
  • Mt Smart Stadium
  • Eden Park Stadium and
  • Auckland Zoo.

Effective from July 2013 and includes outdoor facilities such as:

  • stadiums
  • swimming pools
  • playgrounds
  • skate parks
  • sports fields and parks and reserves
  • public outdoor areas associated with the council, including service centres, local board offices, libraries, community facilities and halls, museums, leisure, recreation and arts centres; and
  • train stations and platforms, bus stations and shelters and ferry terminals.