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* Mark Attwood
* Mark Attwood
* Jono Bacon
* Jono Bacon
* Adam
* Adam Thomas
* Donna Benjamin
* Donna Benjamin

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CLSXLCA Group Discussion Notes template


Broad discussion on whether or not it was possible to measure and recognise reputation in any automated kind of way.


Who is here?

  • Mark Attwood
  • Jono Bacon
  • Adam Thomas
  • Donna Benjamin


Please record and share notes from the discussion as an ongoing record, and so we can build on it in future.


Any key resources shared or created during the discussion - list them here. eg links, books, people, organisations, etc.

Actions, next steps or key takeaways

It's all very well to talk, but what will we do next, or what key or new ideas will we be taking away from this discussion?