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The familiar BlueHackers logo

By popular request! The now traditional BlueHackers BoF.


BlueHackers started late 2008... for anyone dealing (directly or indirectly) with depression, anxiety, bipolar, and related matters.

You may have seen a little blue BlueHackers sticker on a laptop, which quietly shows your support... it tells people they're not alone. It's simple, and it really makes a difference.

During the year, useful information and articles get posted on the website.

And at conferences, we often have a BoF. Some people may wish to hop up to the front and tell something, just for a few minutes. Others may just want to sit in the back and listen. We're not professionals. We're just fellow human beings. This is not therapy or anything like that. But it helps.


Wednesday afternoon in the tea break (3pm-3:40pm)


For simplicity (and proximity to the tea & munchies) I suggest the key lecture theatre. Keep an eye on the main BoF page for the allocated room location.


  • Arjen Lentz - catch him around the conference
  • you!
  • ...
  • others - you don't have to sign up here to come along, but it's an option.