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Computer and Electronics shops

Places in Auckland where you can buy gear that is very close to the venue (can walk there or take a bus/taxi)

  • PB Tech computer store.
    • List of Stores - click on Auckland Uni or Auckland City.
    • Store at U of Auckland campus, Level 2, Kate Edger Information Commons, 9 Symonds St, Auckland CBD. Open Mon - Sat. Google+ for bldg
    • 1st Fl, 105 Queen St, Auckland CBD Google+. Open 7 Days.
  • Surplustronics. 520 Queen St, Auckland CBD. Google+. Catalogue online. Queen St store open Monday - Saturday
  • Jaycar. 231 Khyber Pass, Newmarket. Google+. open 7 days. Catalogue online. - Jaycar has soldering irons, electronic parts, etc, which are getting harder to find these days.
  • PriceSpy is a NZ price comparison site that started started many years ago with comparisons of computer components + accessories.


While you'll be able to get some OTC medication like paracetamol, ibuprofen, lozenges at the supermarket, there are still some items that are only available at pharmacies, including any doctor's prescriptions that need to be filled.

  • Campus pharmacy (at University of Auckland)
    • Hours: Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm or 6pm
    • Address: Ground floor, Kate Edger Information Commons, 9 Symonds St, Auckland. Google+
    • Phone Phone: +64 9 377 1991 or +64 9 373 7599 ext 87935
    • The Campus Pharmacy sells cosmetics, general medicines, toiletries, sports products, stamps, and phone cards. It also processes film and is an agent for NZ Post.
  • Quay St Pharmacy
    • Hours: 9am - 9pm, 7 days a week.
    • Address: Countdown Building, 76 Quay St, Auckland Central. Google+ page for that address
    • Phone +64 9 280 6197. Fax +64 9 374 4577. Email:

Post office

  • Campus pharmacy at University of Auckland is an agent for NZ post. See Pharmacies section.


There's 2 chains in the Auckland Central, Countdown and New World with 4 supermarkets between them. With all I'll try to add the google+ page so you have a link to the map to help you find them. There's also a few asian supermarkets in the CBD.


  • Countdown Auckland City (Quay St)
    • Opening Hours Mon - Sun, 24 hours
    • Address: 76 Quay Street, Auckland City. Phone: (09) 275 2567 Fax: (09) 377 7833
    • Google+ page
    • Alcohol can only be sold between 7am and 11pm. Not allowed between 11pm and 7am.
    • Full sized supermarket with a wide range of products including those for people with special dietary requirements (glutenfree, eggfree, dairy free, vegetarian etc).
  • Countdown Auckland Metro (Victoria St W)
    • Opening Hours: Mon - Sun : 7am-10pm
    • Address: 19-25 Victoria Street W, Auckland CBD. Ph (09) 255 2428 Fax (09) 255 9800
    • Google+ page
    • It is on Victoria St between Queen + Albert Streets, almost opposite Elliot St.
    • Smaller supermarket than the Quay St branch.
    • Gets very busy aroudn 5pm-7pm sometimes. Queues for checkouts can be 10+ minutes

New World

2 supermarkets: New World on Queen St and New world at Victoria Park. New World at Victoria Park is furthest away. (There use to be a free shoppers bus, but this doesn't run anymore).

New World website

Asian Supermarkets

Lim Chhour (sp) asian supermarket on 184 K'Rd (Karangahape Road for non-locals)(behind k'rd foodcourt) and Tai Ping Beach Rd are 2 closest asian supermarkets to the venue. Mercury plaza supermarket Asian supermarkets on Hobson St. Japanese Mart at Wyndham St

Will add more details