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OpenRadio Miniconf registrations

Good morning all,

So now would be a good time to open up the registration for the OpenRadio MiniConf. This is also a good time as a reminder that the CfP for the miniconf will be closing on the 14th of December.

As part of the registration you are booking a seat and a kit for the OpenRadio miniconf.

Since this is our first build'a'thon at LCA we are setting a limit on seats to 30. We are aiming to dedicate enough time to each of the participants to complete the kit on the day.

The whole day will be devoted to building the understanding the kit. As we have limited seats, please order only one kit.

Extra kits will be made available after the conference.

Because of the time lines, we will be ordering kits in advance and will deliver them directly at the miniconf.

To register please head to Davids site;

For further information please email me at;

CFP archive

Link to CFP audio file + transcript

OpenRadio Miniconf Call for Presentations at LCA2015

Submission Dates

Sunday 14th December 2014: Deadline for submissions Sunday 21st December 2014: Announcements of selected proposals Monday 12th January 2015: Open Radio Miniconf

'No pressure' policy

The Open Radio Miniconf is a low-pressure event, and we strongly encourage anyone who has an idea for an radio-related talk to submit a proposal even if you've never presented at a conference before. Please share this CfP with anyone you know who may otherwise not consider submitting a proposal.

Commitment to Diversity

We are especially keen to present a diverse range of experiences and voices, and actively encourage women and people from other groups that are frequently under-represented at tech events to submit a proposal. Please share this CfP with anyone you know who may fit with this objective.

Suggested Presentation Topics

Any topic which is related to both radio and open source technologies is considered on-topic for the Open Radio Miniconf.

Some ideas include:

  • Hardware for SDR
  • Software for SDR
  • Protocols over the air
  • Digital voice
  • Understandning data modes
  • Encoding and Decoding data
  • Logging data or voice
  • Positioning
  • Radio direction finding
  • Here's a cool thing I did with my SDR
  • Take a look at my new modem for digital modes
  • Simple data links with cheap radio chips

Presentation Format

Presentations will be 'lightning talks' session with multiple 5-15 minute mini-presentations. Ideally we would like to see proposals for longer lightning talks, you can also just present on the day (this is a very low-pressure way to ease yourself into presenting, so please have a think in advance about what you'd like to present).

Need some help?

If you have an idea (or the beginning of an idea) for a presentation for the Open Radio Miniconf, we'd be very happy to talk it through with you to help you develop it further. Email Kim VK5FJ at or ping him at @vk5fj on Twitter to start the conversation.

Code of Conduct

Anyone presenting at the Open Miniconf is bound by the same Code of Conduct as presenters and conference attendees of the main conference. The full LCA2015 Code of Conduct is at

To help ensure that presentations comply with the Code of Conduct, we require presenters to submit a copy of their presentation/slide deck for review by Monday 5th January, 2015 (one week prior to the start of LCA).

Presenter Responsibilities

Presenters at the Open Radio Miniconf must be registered attendees of the main LCA2015 conference. Presenters are responsible for their own conference registration, travel, and accommodation costs. The LCA2015 committee has made available a small number of miniconf-only passes that we will be using to enable Amateur Radio enthusiasts to present who would not otherwise be able to attend.

How to Submit Proposals

Please submit your proposal(s) by email Kim VK5FJ at We encourage you to submit multiple proposals if you have multiple ideas.


Kim VK5FJ Open Radio Miniconf Net Operator