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By air

See also: Arrivals Departures
  • Auckland is New Zealand's biggest airport, and the fourth biggest in Australasia, meaning you can fly directly from any airport in the Pacific.
  • The conference is taking place near the summer holiday peak so you will need to book your flights and accommodation as early as possible to get the cheapest rates.
  • Flying from the US? Remember that you're flying into the future! Don't forget to take this into account and check what day and local time you arrive.

Immigration requirements

  • Australian citizens and permanent residents do not usually need a visa to travel to New Zealand.
  • If you are from a visa-waiver country (including USA, most of the EU, Japan) and intending to visit for no more three months, then you do not need a visa.
  • Check the Immigration New Zealand website for details
  • Customs advice for visiting New Zealand. Note that New Zealand has stronger restrictions on bringing in food and other products that may host agricultural pests than most countries.

Airport to venue transfers

Auckland airport has buses, shuttles and taxis available. Note that the Auckland domestic and international airports are about 1 km apart, so ensure you order a taxi to the correct location.

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  • Uber has a fixed price $70 fare to or from Auckland Airport to an area which includes the University of Auckland (where the conference is held) and our accommodation.
  • is a facility run by Air NZ. It is a price comparison facility that includes airbus, taxi, shuttles and even helicopter. Note there's a slight surcharge for its use. In order to secure those prices, you need to book + pay for it via the website. I haven't used it before but I can see how it is useful.



  • Cost $33 per person, one way.
  • Shuttles are door to door.
  • You must book the shuttle from Auckland to Airport. Please do this at least a day in advance.
  • Some other shuttle services may not be at the airport and you may need to book them for pickup.
  • Not all shuttle services have the same fee. So ask before you hop on.
  • Group fee is usually based on pick up from same_address1 and drop off at the same_address2.
  • Some don't like shuttles because you may have other passengers in the shuttle to drop off along the way. Most cases they try to group all to the CBD. Obviously problem is not there if there's a few LCA ppl in the shuttle all going to the same accommodation as you.

  • Super shuttle
    • The best known in Auckland for Airport shuttle service.
    • They are at the airport and so there's no need to book for trips that start from the Airport to Auckland City.
    • Cost for airport - cbd (based on search on the supershuttle's website : 4ppl $59; 5ppl $67; 6ppl $75; 7ppl $84; 8ppl $91; 9ppl $99; 10 $107 11ppl $113
    • This means for 5 ppl it works out cheaper than the airbus and you have a door to door service.
  • Other shuttle services below were found via google + searched the prices below. I think you need to book with them in order for them to come pick you up. Note - never used them.


  • $75-$90
  • (pre-paid taxi)
  • Taxi is a metered srevice and so fare above is an approximation. The meter still ticks when it is stuck in traffic unless you managed to negotiate a flat fee for the journey.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are at the airport and need to go somewhere, within the airport area, be aware that it could be very expensive despite the short distance.

By bus

By train

By car