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Page of resources for miniconf organisers and presenters at miniconfs

Presenters FAQ

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Links to lca2015 website or wiki

When linking to any page on the lca2015 website or wiki, please use instead of . http:// instead of http:// and instead of <nowiki>

This ensures links will continue to work in future, when the wiki + website is archived. At some point later in 2015 will be used as the url for lca2016 conference.

website: or wiki


The Astronomy miniconf wiki page, please use instead of

URL for Monday's schedule instead of Abstract instead of

Slide Lint

  • 2 versions: Web called slidelint site and command line, called slidelint.
  • Both by Tim 'mithro' Ansell.

Web based lightning talk timer

About the AV Systems in-room

We are using the University of Auckland facilities for this, which are all very modern and widely compatible with the majority of systems. We are the taking both SD and in some cases HD feeds, to enable the recording and streaming requirements of the presentations.

All speakers must have their own laptop to present on. If you do not have one or have an unexpected issue, please liaise with the NOC-AV team and we can probably help you (by exception).

Please expect to provide a VGA output. The Native Resolution of the system is 720p (1280x720). Other resolutions are likely to work, but these are not officially supported by the AV team. Experience to-date suggests most standard video resolutions will work OK, but YMMV.

There is an analogue audio (3.5mm) jack available for guest connections if you require the sound of your PC to be heard in the room on the PA system. Each room has a lecturn (goose-neck) Mic, at least one lapel radio mic and at least one handheld radio mic. Please use the Microphones and the audio inputs etc, to ensure your audio is captured for the stream and for the recordings.

There is a document camera available in each room, which can be used to show hard-copy, tablet/phone screens or other physical hardware items for presentation purposes.