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CentOS and Fedora Birds of a Feather

The Fedora Project is the community behind Fedora Linux, the leading edge distribution that is the upstream for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The CentOS Project produces a stable, predictable, and manageable platform built on the RHEL sources, and works with upstream communities (such as Project Atomic and Xen) to help them layer their work on a stable platform. The last year has been extremely busy for both projects, and 2015 is going to be just as exciting.

If you're using or contributing to CentOS and/or Fedora - or just interested in learning more about them - join us for this BoF to discuss the latest developments, plans for 2015, tips/tricks and best practices, or areas where CentOS and Fedora can improve.

This Birds of a Feather is being held on 13 January 2015 at 18:30 in OGGB 4.

Sign-ups for the CentOS and Fedora BoF

  • Joe Brockmeier (@jzb)