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This is a page for delegates who know of relevant jobs

Jobs BoF

The Jobs Birds of a Feather session is on Thursday afternoon tea (15:00-15:40) at D.211. Come along if you want to advertise a job or are looking for a job. Also welcome are people who want to network or who may be able to help connect people and create opportunities.

Looking for staff

Please post information job description, who to talk to or how they can contact you at the conference to ask more info about it and how

Wanted: Experienced Sysadmins and/or DevOps/Ops Specialists

My company ([ is hiring for experienced Linux sysadmins and/or "Ops"-specialising DevOps engineers.

By experienced, we do mean 5+ years full-time experience, and RHCE-level or equivalent knowledge. Office-based full-time roles, Auckland or Wellington.

Find me at Conference or reach out to me (Dan Hawke) directly.

Facebook is Hiring Engineers

Facebook is hiring Network Engineers, Systems Engineers, Production Engineers and Software Engineers. There are roles in Menlo Park in California, Seattle, New York, and London.

For details see

To chat about careers at Facebook, please find me around the conference (look for a Facebook T-shirt) or reach out to me online (Katie Miller).

Help make government services simpler, clearer and faster for all Australians

The Digital Transformation Office is looking for developers, web ops engineers, delivery managers, technology leads / technical architects, product managers and more. In Sydney and Canberra

This is a great opportunity to work on things that make a real and meaningful difference to people's lives!

Come and find me (Matthew Landauer) at the conference if you have any questions and want to find out more.

Looking for 5 staff

OpenSourceCompanyA is looking for 5 keen staff to build widgets for their open source project. We need people who know how to program in R and keen to work at Ekatahuna. For more details please go to <link to advert> and talk to me during the breaks. I'll be wearing a dunce cap with stars on it. Thanks

Looking for job

Sysadmin/programmer/etc looking for a job in Adelaide

Hi, My name is Daniel O'Connor and I'm a sysadmin/dev (with embedded and hardware design experience) looking for a job in Adelaide (or remote). My CV is at . I'm available for talking to during the conference. Thanks.

Sysadmin looking for home

Hi I am a sysadmin with 100yrs experience on AIX, linux, And Windows. I'd like a job. Please see my cv <add link to your cv>. I am available for questions and informal interviews. <contact info if it isn't in your cv>. Thanks

Sridhar Dhanapalan: Just moved near Melbourne/Geelong

I've recently moved near Melbourne/Geelong from Sydney and am looking to resume my career after a couple of months of paternity leave. You can read about me here.