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Developer, Testing, Release and Continuous Integration Automation Miniconf 2015

This miniconf is all about improving the way we produce, collaborate, test and release software.

We want to cover tools and techniques to improve the way we work together to produce higher quality software:

  • code review tools and techniques (e.g. gerrit)
  • continuous integration tools (e.g. jenkins)
  • CI techniques (e.g. gated trunk, zuul)
  • testing tools and techniques (e.g. subunit, fuzz testing tools)
  • release tools and techniques: daily builds, interacting with distributions, ensuring you test the software that you ship.
  • applying CI in your workplace/project


  • 10:40 Nick Coghlan - Beaker's Hardware Inventory System
  • 11:05 Steve Kowalik - Testing the cloud in the cloud
  • 11:30 Fraser Tweedale - The Best Test Data is Random Test Data
  • 11:55 Sarah Kowalik & Jesse Reynolds - Developers, sysadmins, and everyone else: Why you should be using Serverspec
  • 13:20 Matthew Treinish - Subunit2SQL: Tracking Individual Test Results in OpenStack's CI System
  • 13:45 Raghavendra Prabhu - Corpus collapsum: Partition tolerance of Galera put to test
  • 14:10 Sven Dowideit - Kickstart new developers using Docker
  • 14:35 Joe Gordon - Large Scale Identification of Race Conditions (In OpenStack CI)
  • 15:40 Anita Kuno - Gerrit & Gertty: A Daily Habit
  • 16:05 Dr. Jason Cohen - Incorporating the Security Development Life Cycle and Static Code Analysis into our Everyday Development Lives: An Overview of Theory and Techniques.
  • 16:30 Discussion / Q&A