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I'm looking forward to operating out of the NOC during LCA2015. I'm expecting to be surrounded by several monitor screens allowing me to keep a close eye on the wiki and social media (socmed), to respond to activity, post quick updates on the wiki from social media, and post to social media from the wiki.


As I mentioned at the LCA volunteers meeting today (13-Dec-14), I have my own suite of PCs that I'm happy to bring along to run the wiki/socmed monitoring from, including Dell Optiplex PC's, LCD screens, keyboards/mice, and an 8-port 100Mbps switch (so that I only take up a single port on the Managed Switches from the University. That's one option.

Alternatively, if someone wants to lend me some Raspberry Pi's and SD Cards, I can run it all from those, with my own displays, keyboards, mice, etc. That would be a more efficient use of physical space within the NOC, and cut down on power consumption.

One more option is to run the wiki/socmed stuff entirely from NOC-provided hardware. I'm unsure what is available, if anything, for this purpose.

Pages to Watch

While monitoring the wiki/socmed stuff during the event, I'll want to be able to view a collection of pages simultaneously, and not just browse between pages like the average wiki user would do. That's why I'm wanting to run multiple PCs with multiple screens. Below is a list of the most important pages that I'd want to be viewing simultaneously. Each will have an auto-refresh, achieved either by a userspace JSON wiki script (if user javascripts are enabled) or a GreaseMonkey script in the browser. These won't need keyboards and mice connected permanently, just screens...

My fourth computer would be a live wiki-editing machine, which I'd use with a keyboard and mouse, like the average wiki user would do.

My fifth computer would be for interacting with Twitter, posting links to social media and gathering intelligence from the delegates about trending events on the #LCA2015 hashtag. In a separate browser, I could also monitor the @LCANetworks Twitter account, as a service that I could provide to the other NOC residents, informing them of feedback coming in through it, and posting NOC announcements on their behalf when needed.