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Auckland's public transport system is mostly organised by Auckland Transport, which has a unified ticketing system called the AT HOP card.

  • A reusable prepay smart card for travel on trains, ferries and buses around Auckland.
  • Save money on fares - at least 20% discount off adult single trip cash fares (excludes NiteRider and Airbus Express bus services and Waiheke ferry services).
  • Free City LINK buses - AT HOP cards travel free on red City LINK buses as long as you have a positive or zero balance, otherwise you need to pay the cash fare.
  • Load a concession for discounted fares
  • Eligible registered AT HOP users can enjoy free WiFi at train stations and selected bus stations and ferry terminals across Auckland (1 GB per day).

By bus

Central city buses

The LINK buses loop around the city anti-clockwise. There are three routes all at a reasonable price:

  • City LINK - Red, $0.50, every 7-10 minutes. This goes up and down Queen St.
  • Inner LINK - Green, $2, every 10-15 minutes. This goes around the CBD (Central Business Area) and out to New Market.
  • Outer LINK - Orange, $2 to $4, every 15 minutes. This goes up and down Queen St.

Buses going further

There are many other buses that go out to the suburbs, see the Auckland Transport (AT) website for more details. They have an online journey planner to calculate which bus services you need to catch, from where, to get to your destination.

Tip: Google maps directions work well with the Auckland Transport system. Additional Tip: Never trust google maps for transit!

By train

Cash payments are no longer processed on board the train, so you will have to purchase your ticket before you get on a train. See the Auckland Transport (AT) website for more details. The nearest train station to the LCA venue is Britmart, which is 1.348kms away, or 20 mins walk from the OGGB, located at the bottom of Queen Street.

By ferry

There are several ferry operators available in Auckland, and you will need to locate the appropriate ticketing office for the service you wish to use. See the Auckland Transport (AT) website for more details. The nearest ferry terminal to the LCA venue is 1.6km away, or 23 mins walk from the OGGB, located at the bottom of Queen Street, beyond Britomart, and out onto Quay Street.

By taxi

stands, fares, safety

By bicycle

lanes, tracks, repairs, racks

By alternate means

booking, timetables, fares

By car

car rental, petrol stations, parking, road rules, safety

Parking at venue

There is lots of (Auckland University) day parking in the same building as the conference. See the FAQ for details.

However there is basically no "all week" parking for those driving in from out of town for the whole conference and wanting to leave their car somewhere for the whole week of the conference. The limited "student parking" that the residences have is all taken by summer students already (confirmed by Auckland University accommodation team 2014-11-17). All the surrounding streets are time limited parking at least during the day. There is no known "rent for just one week, at a week rate" parking buildings/locations nearby.

If you are planning on driving from out of town your best option is probably to park in one of the outer suburbs (outside all the parking restrictions) at the start of the week, then take public transport back into the centre (for the university). Possibly near where a friend, or extended family member lives, so they can check on your car periodically; if you don't know anyone in Auckland maybe you can make a friend on the LCA2015 chat list? :-)