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Jobs Board

Append only - let's be polite!

  • There's a Jobs BoF scheduled for 17:30pm on Tuesday 13th January 2015 at OGG4.

Job Vacancies

Example Corp: John Example +61 1234 5678

Location: Tropical Beach, Antartica

We are hiring a junior and a senior penguin frobnosticator; our team frobnosticates various mammals in our Antartica lab. You can get more details on Our Web Page, or grab me at the pub on Wednesday.

Linux Australia Job Postings

Facebook Inc: Cooper Lees +1 650 798 7815

Location: Menlo Park, CA, USA (possible other locations)

We are hiring for many roles, but for skillful Linux individuals like yourself a Production Engineer role should interest you: Production Engineer

tl;dr: Support many of our Infrastructure services powering - e.g. Web infrastructure, Messaging, Traffic, Network and Security are some of the Productions Engineering positions available. Javier Turegano - @setoide

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Among other roles that are open at the moment, check for the full list, we have a couple of Site Performance and Availability engineer roles open. If you are interested in been part of a world class engineering team, build and maintain the infrastructure that supports one of Australia's biggest websites and international real estate websites and work in a challenging/dynamic workplace come and have a chat with me about the opportunities.

Canonical - Brad Marshall

Location: World wide (work from home)

Canonical provides one of the world leading Linux distributions, Ubuntu, and needs more skilled Linux types - both for sysadmin and development positions. In particular, we are looking for sysadmins (both in APAC and America) and Cloud Reliability Engineers. For all our positions please see all our jobs

Compac Sorting Equipment - Carl Cerecke

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Compac is a world-leading provider of sorting and packing solutions for the fresh-produce industry. We have a position open for a Senior Software Developer (C++) working in the team doing real-time image analysis. There are also team-lead and engineering-management roles available. See all of the job vacancies at Compac.

Site Reliability Engineer - NetSuite - Sydney, Australia

Site Reliability Engineers are directly responsive for the availability of the NetSuite's customer facing solutions. They monitor the applications, react to problems, proactively address issues before they become problems and build tools to constantly improve availability, performance, uptime and response time. Site Reliability Engineering is a global team ensuring NetSuite exceeds its Service Level Commitment 24x7x365.

For more details about this exciting opportunity, please contact Peter Vesely.

SUSE: Tim Serong

"Established in 1992, SUSE is the original provider of the enterprise Linux distribution and the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing." --

We have various open roles in engineering, marketing, product management, sales and technical support. Some of these are in specific locations, some are available globally. See the careers page and list of current openings for more details, or grab me for a chat.

AusCERT - Senior Systems Programmer - Mike Holm on +61 334 64532

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Join the good people who go into battle for the sake of a safe Internet. :) AusCERT is an internationally recognised Information Security group, providing Cyber security services to members throughout Australia and New Zealand. We seek team members who share our values of Service, Team, Accountability and Results and in return offer a flexible and supportive work environment.

In this role, you'll use your programming skills to develop and maintain software that enhances the services AusCERT offers to its members. For more details, follow the URL or catch up with Marco Ostini during the Jobs BoF. Applications close: 22 Jan 2015

Seeking Employment

Example Corp: John Example +61 1234 5678

Location: Tropical Beach, Antartica

I am looking for a job as a penguin frobnosticator; I've been a penguin frobnosticator since year do and love various mammals in our Antartica lab. You can get more details on my CV or Web Page. If you'd like to meet me, leave me a message at (email/my user talk page) to meet up at a cafe/pub.

Michael Wheeler +61 4 3966 8012

Location: Melbourne, Australia (Currently Gladstone)

Looking to move to Melbourne ASAP; Career history has been one filled with communications however recently I've been focusing more on sysadmin, include NetApp, Vmware, AWS, Rackspace, and *shudder* Microsoft suite of tools. Ideally want to move back to doing Linux sysadmin work. Favorite tools at the moment are Graylog2, wiremaps, and Zabbix. I also enjoy long walks on the beach. More details on my work history can be found here.