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# Ben Savage (aka Tom)
# Ben Savage (aka Tom)
# [[User:Chris@cje.net.nz|Chris Edsall]]
# [[User:Chris@cje.net.nz|Chris Edsall]]
# [https://twitter.com/jerrykan John Kristensen]

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The seventh annual (except for the year we couldn't be bothered to get up for breakfast) unprofessional delegates networking session will be running on Tuesday evening.

  • When: Tuesday night (when the PDNS is on). We'll be there by 6; food will probably start being edible between 6:30 and 7. (Unless you're a werewolf, of course.)
  • Where: Eastern Beach Reserve, just before the Beach House.
  • What: As is traditional, a barbecue! We'll be selling barbecued food and soft drinks.
    • Food: Barbequed food, with both carnivore and herbivore options, probably wrapped in a bread product. Possibly some sort of salad. We'll see. $5/head.
    • Soft Drink: Coke, Coke Zero, Solo, Lemonade. $1/can.
    • Alcohol: Strictly BYO only; selling alcohol is in contravention of various state and city laws, and we're too pretty for jail. Note that Geelong City Council laws do not permit alchol consumption after sunset — try to plan to be done about 8:40. (You can always move on elsewhere, of course.)
    • All (any?) profits will benefit the conference charity: Give Where You Live.


Please add your name so that we know how much food to buy. If you are vegetarian or vegan, please add a (V) or some other note below so that we buy enough vegetarian food!

  1. Christopher Neugebauer (runs the UnPDNS, but refuses to acknowledge it)
  2. Adam Harvey (will probably be collecting money)
  3. Michael Wheeler(will probably eat food and stuff)
  4. Katie McLaughlin (bracket note goes here)
  5. Jack Scott
  6. Trent Lloyd
  7. Simon Green
  8. Glenn McIntosh
  9. Sridhar Dhanapalan
  10. Paul Bone
  11. Jaime Schmidt ( & Arthur & Oliver - baby & Jasmine)
  12. Evan McLean (pithy comment redacted)
  13. Stephen Edmonds (happy to wield implements, have car if needed)
  14. Bernard Blackham
  15. Ryan Stuart (will be recruiting people for the Interval Training BoF)
  16. Scott Bragg
  17. Ben Ball
  18. ducky
  19. Cary D
  20. Joel Addison
  21. Mike Abrahall
  22. Michael Cordover (Vegetarian)
  23. Daniel Sobey
  24. Brian May
  25. Adam Baxter
  26. Andrew Mitchell
  27. Tim Potter
  28. Vernon T
  29. Alastair D'Silva
  30. Joel Shea
  31. Martin Krafft
  32. Kevin Collas-Arundell
  33. Jago K
  34. Tennessee
  35. Steph
  36. Ben Stevens (vegetarian)
  37. Russell Currency
  38. adric
  39. Mike O'Connor
  40. Peter Vesely
  41. Charelle Collett
  42. Ben Savage (aka Tom)
  43. Chris Edsall
  44. John Kristensen