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Daily Running BoF

A daily running BoF will depart from the Waurn Ponds Residences in CP10 (in front of the tennis courts) at 6am every day.

There are two nearby running options that get regular traffic. (the tracks around the edge of the campus and the management school. Also the bike path along Waurn Ponds Creek.

Also, depending on numbers, and interest, we may try some further afield trips such as driving to near Torquay to run some of the Surf Coast, walking track, or the beaches (depending on Tides).

A good example of why we may wish to do that is this photo taken near Torquay at dawn, during a run (2 years ago).

A few of the regular runners staying in town near waterfront may wish to arrange a split BoF in there. . 0630 Wednesday morning outside waterfront campus

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