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= Airport to Venue =
Auckland airport has busses, shuttles and taxis available.  Note that the Auckland domestic and international airports are about 1 km apart, so ensure you take order a taxi to the correct location.
* http://www.aucklandairport.co.nz/ToAndFromTheAirport/PublicTransport/TaxisAndShuttles.aspx
== Airbus ==
* Cost $16 one way
* http://www.airbus.co.nz/
* add route
== Shuttles ==
* Cost $33 per person, one way.
* https://www.supershuttle.co.nz/Default.aspx
== Taxi ==
* $75-$90
* http://taxi.co.nz (pre-paid taxi)
= Around Auckland =
== Central City Busses ==
The [https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/bus-services/link-bus-service/ LINK busses] loop around the city anti-clockwise.  There are three routes all at a reasonable price:
* City LINK - Red, $0.50, every 7-10 minutes.  This goes up and down Queen St.
* Inner LINK - Green, $2, every 10-15 minutes.  This goes around the CBD (Central Business Area) and out to New Market.
* Outer LINK - Orange, $2 to $4, every 15 minutes.  This goes up and down Queen St.
== Busses going further ==
There are many other busses that go out to the suburbs, see the [https://at.govt.nz/bus-train-ferry/ Auckland Transport (AT) website] for more details.  '''Tip:''' Google maps directions work well with the Auckland Transport system.
= Parking at venue =
Link to FAQ question

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