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A collection of templates for displaying your own personal schedule during LCA on your userspace profile page.


Currently these are only static templates that will need to be subsituted into your userspace, rather than transcluded. To make use of them on your own userpace profile page, it is suggested that you substitute each one into a subpage of your profile, such as /Mon, /Tue, /Wed, /Thu and /Fri, and substitute the respective template into each one. Save each page before going back to edit it, and you will find the blank table there, ready for you to edit. Once you have created each subpage and edited in your picks for events you want to attend, you can transclude each one (either all at once or day-by-day) onto your main userspace profile page. See step 6 in the example below.


  1. Click this link to edit your Monday schedule.
  2. Type the following code by itself into the new page and save the new page.
  3. Go back and edit the new page you just created, and the table will have been added to it for you.
  4. Add information/links to the events you want to attend during LCA2015.
  5. Don't forget to save your changes!
  6. Add your subpages to your main userspace profile page by transcluding a link from each subpage, (replace "My_Username" with your username on the wiki), as follows...
    You can do this for each subpage all at once, showing your entire week's schedule; or day-by-day, showing only the current day's schedule. If you choose the latter, remember to update your profile at the beginning of each day!

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