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== About Auckland ==
== About Auckland ==
: <small>''Main article: [[Auckland]]''</small>
: <small>''Main article: [[Auckland]]''</small><section begin=auckland />
Find out about Auckland, including attractions to visit while you're here, travel options, etc.
* [[Auckland#Getting to Auckland|Getting to Auckland]] - by air ([[Arrivals Departures|Arrivals/Departures]]), by coach, train, or car
<section begin=auckland />* [[Getting to Auckland]] - Flights, VISAs
* [[Auckland#Transport around Auckland|Transport around Auckland]] - by bus, train, ferry, taxi, bicycle, car, and other means
* [[Weather]] in Auckland - ☀ ☃ ☂ ☔ ☼
* [[Auckland#Attractions|Attractions]] - Museums & culture, adventure, nature, animal enclosures
* [[Attractions]] - Tourist attractions around Auckland
* [[Auckland#Phone and mobile data|Phone and mobile data]] - network operators, SIMs and handsets
* [[Transport|Transport around Auckland]] - Getting from the Airport to the conference and around Auckland
* [[Auckland#Emergency contacts|Emergency contacts]] - emergency numbers, emergency services in Auckland
* [[Arrivals Departures]] - Airport arrivals and departures<section end=auckland />
* [[Auckland#Weather|Weather]] - general, forecasts<section end=auckland />
== About New Zealand ==
== About New Zealand ==

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