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Payment Information

In order to attend the conference you need to have registered, purchased your ticket as well as any other addons such as accomodation/shirts/etc, and paid. Tickets will sell out before the conference, so to ensure you won't be turned away on arrival please pay your invoice as soon as possible.

Payment Methods

We accept Visa/Mastercard credit and debit cards via our conference website using our secure payment provider. We do not see or store your credit card information at any time. We do not accept American Express, paypal, bitcoin, direct bank transfers/wires (national or international), cheques, cash, or any other payment method.

With the prevalence of pre-paid debit cards, we would find it hard to imagine a legitimate circumstance in which paying using Visa/Mastercard was not possible.

If you believe you have a legitimate reason why paying by Visa/Mastercard is impossible for you please email with your reasons, and we will evaluate your case. While we wish to be accommodating please bare in mind that LCA is a volunteer run conference, no person is paid for their time for helping with organising this conference, and that Linux Australia is a non-profit organisation.


All prices on the conference website are in New Zealand Dollars and include NZ GST of 15%. All invoices include our NZ GST number so that New Zealand companies will be able to claim back the GST component. Foreign companies, local and foreign persons are not able to claim this back.