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Come and discuss Home Automation including all things Sensors, Collection, Graphing, Control & Open Hardware. Very loose definition, if you want to talk about anything then just come along!

Time: Friday Lunch (12:20-13:20)
Location: D2.211

[Trent Lloyd] can briefly re-run his lightning talk from open hardware on graphing everything in his house and programming a BLE Bluetooth Low Energy dev board on Linux.

Then let's discuss what everyone else is doing, show off with photos if you have some, etc.


If you are coming then please note below and include anything you can talk about, would like to hear about, or just your name to come and enjoy the discussion

  • Trent Lloyd (can talk: graphing, BLE, 20Wh solar wireless sites)
  • (TBC) Cary D (can talk JeeNode Micro)
  • Alastair D'Silva (1 Wire, Domoticz, WigWag)
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