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Drupal 8 brings radical evolution to one of the world's top open source web content management systems.


This tutorial will give you hands on experience with the newest version of Drupal. If you haven't had a look for a while, now is the time to revisit the drupalverse.

We will build a website from scratch and learn how to participate in one of the open source world's largest communities.

We will attempt to build a basic, responsive website from scratch in one short afternoon.

For best results, you should be prepared with an idea or three of the kind of website you want to build. Bring some content, images, or pick a favourite Lorem Ipsum generator and some sample piccies from OpenClipart.org.

Background reading

Tutorial Outline


We won't be installing Drupal during the session, so if you want to work on a local dev version on your laptop, you might want to do that in advance.

Web based training environments will be available. Let's hope the network is up to it. :-)

If you want to play with D8 in the meantime, check out Drupal Core on http://simplytest.me/

Ready? Use the Discussion page to ask questions or make suggestions.

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