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== Description ==
{{Trail|Programme|Miniconfs|Community Leadership Summit X}}
A collection of all social media icons available on the LCA2015 wiki.
== Licensing ==
The majority of these icons have been sourced from [http://www.awicons.com awicons.com] and are available under a [[Wikipedia:Creative Commons|Creative Commons]] [http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Attribution 3.0 Unported License]. For more details about licensing matters on the lca2015 wiki, please see our [[Help:Licensing|help]] pages. If you are uploading an icon for your preferred social network (see below), please be sure sure that the [[Help:Licensing|license]] is appropriate, and add the license template (and any attribution that may be required) to the file. For example, see the [[:Template:CC-BY-3.0|<nowiki>{{CC-BY-3.0}}</nowiki>]] template.
== Uploading your own icons ==
== Career Opportunities ==
If we have not yet uploaded an icon for your preferred social network, feel free to [[Special:Upload|upload]] it yourself. The set we are using is the [http://www.awicons.com/free-icons/social-media-icons/round-simple-social-icons-by-lokas-software/ Round Simple Social Media Icons]. If an icon for your preferred social network is not available in that icon pack, please locate an alternative source for the icon, making sure that the [[Help:Licensing|license]] is appropriate. We've standardised on the 40x40 pixel size, and the [[wikipedia:Portable Network Graphics|Portable Network Graphics]] (*.png) file format. Please try to adhere to these standards for uniformity of coding.
= See Also =
* [[:Category:Image Templates|Image Templates]] category.
== Discussion ==

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