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Tuesday 17:30 OGGB 4

Looking for a new job? Come and hear pitches. Looking for people? Append your contact details and basic info, and come along to pitch and meet candidates.

Append only - let's be polite!


Example Corp: John Example +61 1234 5678

Location: Tropical Beach, Antartica

We are hiring a junior and a senior penguin frobnosticator; our team frobnosticates various mammals in our Antartica lab. You can get more details on Our Web Page, or grab me at the pub on Wednesday.

Facebook Inc: [ Cooper Lees] +1 650 798 7815

Location: Menlo Park, CA, USA (possible other locations)

We are hiring for many roles, but for skillful Linux individuals like yourself a Production Engineer role should interest you: Production Engineer

tl;dr: Support many of our Infrastructure services powering - e.g. Web infrastructure, Messaging, Traffic, Network and Security are some of the Productions Engineering positions available. Javier Turegano - @setoide

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Among other roles that are open at the moment, check for the full list, we have a couple of Site Performance and Availability engineer roles open. If you are interested in been part of a world class engineering team, build and maintain the infrastructure that supports one of Australia's biggest websites and international real estate websites and work in a challenging/dynamic workplace come and have a chat with me about the opportunities.