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A collection of all social media icons available on the LCA2015 wiki.


The majority of these icons have been sourced from and are available under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. For more details about licensing matters on the lca2015 wiki, please see our help pages. If you are uploading an icon for your preferred social network (see below), please be sure sure that the license is appropriate, and add the license template (and any attribution that may be required) to the file. For example, see the {{CC-BY-3.0}} template.

Uploading your own icons

If we have not yet uploaded an icon for your preferred social network, feel free to upload it yourself. The set we are using is the Round Simple Social Media Icons. If an icon for your preferred social network is not available in that icon pack, please locate an alternative source for the icon, making sure that the license is appropriate. We've standardised on the 40x40 pixel size, and the Portable Network Graphics (*.png) file format. Please try to adhere to these standards for uniformity of coding.

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