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==Registration information==
Refer to the [http://linux.conf.au/register/info main conference registration page] for information on pricing, ticket types and entitlements.
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|+ [[Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs)]]
Registration is a three-step process;
| [[Kerbal BoF|Kerbal]]
| [[Keysigning bof|Keysigning]]
# Create a new account on linux.conf.au and validate your email
| [[Libre Instant Messaging and Social Media BoF|Libre Social Media]]
# Make your registration selection
| [[Parallelism and Concurrency BoF|Parallelism]]
# Ensure you pay your invoice
| [[Perl BoF|Perl]]
| [[Queer BoF|Queer]]
Registrations are not valid until paid. We can accept most major credit cards.
| [[Running BoF|Running]]

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Birds of a Feather sessions (BoFs)
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