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Emergency numbers

The phone number in New Zealand for all emergencies is 111. You will be asked which service you require (Fire, Ambulance or Police).

You can call 111 free from cellphones, landlines and phone boxes. You can also call 111 from any mobile even if it has no SIM card. If you miss-dial and ring 911, 999 or 000 you will likely find this would also connect you to 111, though this is not recommended. The international GSM emergency number 112 also works.

Emergency Services in Auckland


The New Zealand Police are a one-stop-shop for all issues relating to Policing, Law Enforcement and Traffic:

  • Emergency (immediate threat to life or property): Dial 111 and ask for Police.
  • Traffic issues/complaints/rants (without immediate threat to life or property): Ring *555 from your mobile
  • Non-Emergencies: Ring your local police station. For the CBD, ring Auckland City District Headquarters on +64 9 302 6400. Or you can go to the city station located at the corner of Cook and Vincent Streets in central Auckland.

See also http://www.police.govt.nz/contact-us/calling-emergency-111

Incidents on the University campus

If an incident takes place on the University campus you can telephone University Security on +64 9 373 7599 extension 85000, or dial 85000 directly if you use an internal University telephone.


St John operate the urgent ambulance in Auckland (and 97% of NZ). They, as well as other ambulance companies, also provide 'event' or 'public service' first-aid and carry out non-urgent patient transfers. For New Zealand residents, Accident-related Ambulance services are paid via ACC. Medical calls are chargable (invoiced after-the-fact, in the order of $85 per time). Non-residents without access to ACC can expect this fee in either case. Dial 111 and ask for Ambulance.

Auckland Hospital

Auckland Hospital is one of NZ's biggest with full inpatient, outpatient service and nearly all major specialities represented, operated by the Auckland District Health Board. Their Emergency Department is equipped for walk-in patients 24/7, and there is also an adjacent specialist facility for Children (Starship Childrens Hospital and Emergency Epartment). Note that hospital services may may come at a cost to non-residents. For further information, Phone: (09) 367 0000 or visit http://www.adhb.govt.nz


 Auckland City Hospital
 2 Park Road

There are also many private medical practices and 'Accident and Medical Clinics' across the region, however these are often more expensive than the Hospital for non-accident calls or for non-residents.

Fire & Rescue

The New Zealand Fire Service are equipped for both Fire and Rescue across all urban areas in New Zealand, with a wide range of capabilities including Fire, Rescue, HAZMAT and also a medical first-response capability that supports the Ambulance service (so if Ambulance are summoned to cardiac arrest or other severe cases, you may see a Fire truck as part of the first response). Fire Stations are located all across Auckland with a target SLA of arriving at any urban address within 4-5 minutes of being called. In the Auckland CBD even a basic call may result in anywhere from 2-6 trucks depending on standing risk assessment for the call address and type, and the first will usually arrive within 2-3 minutes.

Emergencies: Ring 111, ask for Fire.

Non-Emergencies: Northern Communications Centre (09) 486 7948

Police, Fire and Ambulance talk to eachother electronically when dispatching calls, so you only need to call one service (the one most urgently required) in the event of an incident where 2 or more of them are needed to attend.

Other Services

Services such as Civil Defence, Animal Rescue or any other need, will be arranged through any of the three main services. If in doubt, Police is the best service to ask for.