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This is a page for delegates who know of relevant jobs

Looking for staff

Please post information job description, who to talk to or how they can contact you at the conference to ask more info about it and how

Looking for 5 staff

OpenSourceCompanyA is looking for 5 keen staff to build widgets for their open source project. We need people who know how to program in R and keen to work at Ekatahuna. For more details please go to <link to advert> and talk to me during the breaks. I'll be wearing a dunce cap with stars on it. Thanks

Looking for job

Sysadmin looking for home

Hi I am a sysadmin with 100yrs experience on AIX, linux, And Windows. I'd like a job. Please see my cv <add link to your cv>. I am available for questions and informal interviews. <contact info if it isn't in your cv>. Thanks