Getting to Auckland

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Immigration requirements

  • Australian citizens and permanent residents do not usually need a visa to travel to New Zealand.
  • If you are from a visa-waiver country (including USA, most of the EU, Japan) and intending to visit for no more three months, then you do not need a visa.
  • Check the Immigration New Zealand website for details
  • Customs advice for visiting New Zealand. Note that New Zealand has stronger restrictions on bringing in food and other products that may host agricultural pests than most countries.

Flying to Auckland

  • Auckland is New Zealand's biggest airport, and the forth biggest in Australasia, meaning you can fly directly from any airport in the Pacific.
  • The conference is taking place near the summer holiday peak so you will need to book your flights and accommodation as early as possible to get the cheapest rates.
  • Flying from the US? Remember that you're flying into the future! Don't forget to take this into account and check what day and local time you arrive.

Driving to Auckland

  • It takes around 8 hours to drive from Wellington to Auckland