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(Tuesday 13th January 2015)
(BoFs Recurring on Multiple Days)
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Details TBC
Details TBC
=== Martial Arts BoF ===
Details: [[Martial Arts BoF]]
==Evening BoFs at LCA Venue ==
==Evening BoFs at LCA Venue ==

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This is an index of all the "Birds of a feather" sessions organised and run on an informal basis by attendees of the conference. We will be offering Birds of a Feather (BoF) sessions on Monday and Tuesday evenings.

If you want to get a group together then put a page up and link it here where people can discuss who/where/when about whatever you're interested in.

NOTE that you must be a conference delegate in order to attend the BoF Sessions.

BoFs Recurring on Multiple Days

Running BoF

Details TBC

Martial Arts BoF

Details: Martial Arts BoF

Evening BoFs at LCA Venue

Monday 12th January 2015

Time OGGB 4 Caseroom 2 Caseroom 3
17:30 Linux Australia AGM - contact @KathyReid for further information Saltstack BoF Ansible BoF
18:30 Functional Programming BoF

Tuesday 13th January 2015

Time OGGB 4 Caseroom 2 Caseroom 3
17:30 Jobs BoF Personal Crypto & Security BOF
18:30 CentOS/Fedora BoF CACert BoF/Assurance LMDB BoF
19:30 Emacs BoF OpenPGP Keysigning PostgreSQL BOF

BoF Wait-list

If the above room allocation is full please add an entry here and we can try to make additional space available.