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Internet Access

At the Conference Venue

See also: Help file for connecting to the LCA2015 WiFi

Throughout the University of Auckland, an additional SSID has been added to the standing Wifi service offered over University of Auckland fixed infrastructure.

The University Wifi provides excellent coverage across most of their campus, including the Owen G Glenn Building (LCA Primary Venue) and the NICAI Workshop facility (Hardware and Radio Miniconf Venue) - as well as several of their accomodation areas, and some outdoors coverage. Refer to their Coverage Maps.

The Wireless network will give delegates an RFC1918 IP address (most likely 172.x) and provide unfiltered Internet access via NAT (IPv4 Only).

  • Wireless SSID: LCA2015
  • Protocol: 802.11a/b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz. 802.11n 5GHz recommended.
  • Security: WPA2-Enterprise with PEAP; AES Encryption.
  • Credentials: To be advised directly to attendees.

Wired Internet Access

A (very limited) amount of wired Internet access will be available in the Owen G Glenn Building. In particular, the Internet will be provided for Speakers via an Ethernet connection available at the lecturn (offered for performance/stability reasons while a speaker is giving a presentation). Those using the wired Internet access need to be aware that your device will be issued a real-world public IPv4 address via DHCP, and will not be protected by either NAT or firewall rules. Please ensure your machine is suitably hardened for use on an unprotected Internet connection.

A note about bandwidth

The University of Auckland has multi-homed gigabit connectivity with ample transit available, however conference attendees are asked not to make excessive use of this. The network is well monitored and malicious traffic patterns will be reported.

University Accommodation

Carlaw Park

Wireless access is provided with the same parameters as above.

University Hall

Wireless access is provided with the same parameters as above.

There is also a wired network connected to the University ResNet; this ordinarily requires a University ID to connect to the Internet, but authentication requirements are disabled during the holiday period. However we have heard mixed stories about whether the wired network will work reliably (or at all).

Other Accommodation

For Internet access information in other accommodation not provided by LCA, please contact the accommodation provider. Many hotels will offer wifi internet, but prices may vary. You will likely find getting a local 4G data plan faster and more reliable. See Phone and mobile data.

Auckland Free Wifi