Tutorials/Tutorial: The eChronos Real-Time Operating System - Just what you want, when you want it

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To get the most out of this tutorial, we recommend to set up the following prerequisites ahead of time. Nevertheless:

- there will be some time at the tutorial itself to get set up and to trouble-shoot

- you can listen in entirely without a computer and still get a fun introduction to the eChronos RTOS


- A recent Linux distro with two terminals, gcc, and make

- Debian-based is recommended; if in doubt, get a Debian or Ubuntu live image set up in your favorite VM or container solution


- Clone https://github.com/echronos/picotcp.git into ~/picotcp/

- Check out lca2016 branch

- Follow README_lca2016.txt

eChronos RTOS

- Clone https://github.com/echronos/echronos.git into ~/echronos/ (or get the zip file if the git repo is too big)

- Check out lca2016 branch

- Follow README_lca2016.txt

Trouble Shooting

If you encounter issues with the above before the tutorial, send me an e-mail: stg@brkawy.com