Autonomous Robots BoF

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Autonomous Robots BoF

A.K.A. "Sphero BoF"

A bunch of people are bringing their Sphero rolling robots and/or other autonomous/semi-autonomous robots with them the LCA. No doubt there will be robots rolling around throughout the conference, but this is the scheduled BoF session.

Day: Tuesday
Time: Lunch break (12:20 - 13:20)
Room: TBA

If you intend on coming along, please add your name below along with any robot(s) you plan on bringing. Please note that you don't need a robot to come along to the BoF, but please remember that the robots present may be fragile and/or expensive so please ask the owner before handling them.


Delegate Robot(s)
itgrrl Sphero BB-8
mijofa Sphero BB-8
Tennessee Leeuwenburg Sphero SPRK
andyg @geekscape Sphero (original), Parrot Jumping Sumo, Makeblock mBot, SimpleBot, UAV (450mm)

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