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There are 3 major mobile network operators in New Zealand:

All offer pre-paid SIM cards which can be easily obtained and require no paperwork or registration (you can pick one up in the airport just after you get through customs).
All operators now offer 4G in limited areas, which should cover most of Auckland CBD.

  • gsm 2g 900, 1800 MHz - Vodafone / 2Degrees only
  • umts/3g
    • 850, 2100 MHz - Spark / Skinny
    • 900, 2100 MHz - Vodafone / 2Degrees
  • lte-fd 4g 700, 1800 MHz
    • Very Limited 700MHz at present

Note 2degrees for data NZ$99 for 12GB. For a mix of data/calls/texting all operators offer a similar NZ$19/mth pre-paid plan with Unlimited texting, 100 calling minutes, 500MB data.

Note Vodafone Travellers SIM for $49 with 2GB Data, and for a lot of our attendees from outside of ANZ it will probably include minutes to call home. Check your countries Vodafone website

Note Spark Travellers SIM for $49 is similar to the Vodafone offering.

Note Skinny also does a competitive package, with $4 for a sim that comes loaded with calling time (within ANZ), texts and mobile data.

Note Spark (Telecom NZ/XT) does have 1GB data on WiFi per day across NZ starting at $29

Note Spark / Skinny share the same broadcast frequencies and have NO 2G Network

Roaming with an Australian Telco