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Frequently Asked Questions about the conference

General Questions about the conference

Is there a Code of Conduct?

Yes, the short version is "Be Awesome". Refer Code of Conduct on the Conference Website. All attendees are expected to adhere to the code of conduct, with the goal being that all attendees will enjoy themselves.

Can I get a one day ticket?

No. Tickets are only sold for the entire five days of conference. We strongly encourage people to attend all days to not miss out of talks, social events and the "hallway track".

What are Miniconfs?

The first 2 days of the conference (Monday and Tuesday) are devoted to Miniconfs. They are each devoted to a specific topic and run by organisers (rather than the main conference) for a whole day in one of the lecture theaters. Except for those that require special equipment you can attended and of them as part of your registration and switch between them during the days. Schedules and more details of each Miniconf is published on the website.

I'm not a programmer, should I attend?

Yes. The majority of the attendees are not fulltime programmers. Each session at the conference has 5-6 talks and these are arranged so that there should be something for everyone in each session. If you are unsure what to attend the talks that are predicted to be the most popular will be sceduled towards the left of the programme in the largest rooms.

Can I get assistance with my VISA application

As a volunteer run conference in unable to offer a letter of invitation to our speakers. Under NZ immigration rules as speakers are not being paid to attend a professional conference you should be able to attend under a visitors visa.

The Schedule

Is the schedule final

With LCA the schedule is always somewhat fluid so bookmark the on-line schedule on your smart phone or tablet.

Can I get an iCAL or similar of the schedule?

There is an experimental ical feed at

Social Events

Can I get a ticket for the Speakers Dinner

Speakers Dinner tickets are reserved for main conference program speakers, mini-conf organisers and our keynote speakers. We are unable to extend speaker privileges to the mini-conf speakers.

Can I get a ticket for the Professional Delegates Networking Session

All Professional Delegates, Speakers and Mini-Conf organisers get free entry to the PDNS event.

Can I by extra or late tickets for the Penguin Dinner

Yes. Please contact Rego Desk or send an email to

The Venue

What parking options are there at the Venue?

Please see Parking at venue

Stuff at the conference

What do the Symbols on my Badge mean?

Talk to other people to find out - it's exciting to learn and socialize!

Icon Description
badge-icon-penguin.png This person is attending the Penguin Dinner.
badge-icon-pdns.png This person is attending the Professional Delegates Networking Session.
badge-icon-megaphone.png This person is attending the Speakers' Dinner.
badge-icon-over18.png This person is at least 18 years old.
badge-icon-country-nz.png This person is from New Zealand.
badge-icon-country-aus.png This person is from Australia.
badge-icon-country-world.png This person is from a country other than New Zealand or Australia.